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Shawn Peters

Raising A Reader Massachusetts Featured Author Shawn Peters

We’ll let Shawn take the mic and tell you about himself:

“I’ve written a little bit about a lot of things in a lot of places. Ads for huge premium cable networks and all kinds of small businesses. Movie ideas that ended up on the shelf and domestic date-nights that ended up in the newspapers. Columns about fantasy sports and books about a neurodiverse hero in the making. I live in Massachusetts with my wife, who is the best 5th grade teacher on the planet, my two kids, a dog and a cat that made me retype this by walking across the keyboard.

My debut MG adventure novel, “The Unforgettable Logan Foster” will be released by HarperCollins in the first few months of 2022. I can’t wait!!!”

You can find more of Shawn at his website,