Ride to make sure everyone gets a bedtime story!


There are young children in Massachusetts who have never begged their mother for “just one more story please” before bedtime.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine starting kindergarten having never held a book in your hand. How would you know what it means to turn a page? When children start kindergarten behind their peers they tend to stay behind, which means poorer outcomes across their lifetimes – less likely to finish high school, less likely to get a good job, less likely to be successful financially and socially.

You can help make sure children across Massachusetts have the opportunity to hear bedtime stories every night by registering to ride as part of Team Raising A Reader MA on Saturday, September 29, 2012 in the Rodman Ride for Kids.

When you register as a member of our team, you are committing to try to raise $1,500 money to help children and families access Raising A Reader MA’s evidence-based early literacy program through hundreds of community-based partners – their Head Start program, family child care center, church, physical therapy clinic, home visiting program, etc.

This year we plan to raise $255,000 through the Rodman Ride for Kids. And if we meet our goal? Don Rodman and his team will give us $25,500 to help children and families develop, practice, and maintain habits of reading together at home. Sign up to ride for Team Raising A Reader MA. Here’s how.

Step One: Visit

Step Two: Click the green “Register Here” button.







Step Three: Select “Join as an Individual”

Step Four: Follow the registration instructions.

  • Be prepared to pick a user name and password. This will be used to monitor your personal fundraising website.
  • Be prepared to pick a personalized fundraising webpage link to share with your friends. This will be This is the link you will post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to raise money for your ride.
  • Be prepared to make a donation towards your own ride.
  • You will receive a message about “Upcycling.” This is a new fundraising option offered by Rodman to have people donate used electronics and money to support your ride and Raising A Reader MA. You may choose to participate (or not).

When hit “Submit” you will receive a confirmation message on the screen AND an email from Raising A Reader MA. We’ll send you a fundraising kit and will keep you posted on our fundraising progress. And don’t forget, you get a free cycling jersey on ride day, so you can show off your place on Team Raising A Reader MA!

Step Five: Customize your fundraising web page with pictures, video and a message about why you are riding (and raising money) for Raising A Reader MA.









Step Six: Spread the word about your ride and your fundraising using the website, or through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step Seven: Show up to ride with us in Foxboro on Saturday, September 29th. We’ll be in touch with you regularly after you sign up. To thank you, and offer you whatever support you need to reach your fundraising goal.

 See you in September!