RAR-MA Announces New Director of Development

Raising A Reader MA is thrilled to announce Mary Ann F. Lerner as its new Director of Development.  Mary Ann has had a nearly 20-year career as a Vice President in retail and commercial banking at several top 10 U.S. banks. Her leadership experience in the areas of Business Development, Sales Management Strategic Planning, and Complex Financial Management, particularly with large commercial and non-profit clients, are just a few reasons why we are excited to have Mary Ann join Raising A Reader MA.  In addition, as a Market Sales Manager in New England and Mid-Atlantic for TD Bank, Mary Ann conducted geospatial market evaluations and sales analytics and developed strategies for increasing sales, customer loyalty, and market performance. She has also successfully led sales campaigns and market-wide leadership conferences. 

Mary Ann was encouraged by her parents to volunteer for local and global nonprofits since she was a child. “There were many life lessons my parents taught me and my eight siblings,” said Mary Ann. “One lesson was compassion for others through volunteering and mission trips; however, I believe the lesson that left the greatest impression was watching my parents build strategic relationships.  I am a first generation American whose parents immigrated from the Bahamas to Florida with six children and a prayer. With less than a third-grade education, my parents built two small businesses and introduced my siblings and me to community leaders who taught us to read. I attribute my love for reading to my parents who wanted for me what they did not have, the community leaders who taught me to read, and the teachers who inspired me to find adventure and confidence through reading.  My favorite childhood book was “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White!

Raising A Reader MA, is a conduit for parents in Massachusetts to gain the reading tools and skills needed to teach their children to not only read but ultimately become engaged and productive citizens.  Mary Ann is dedicated to closing the literacy opportunity gap and improving the lives of children in under-resourced communities. She holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Central Florida and currently serves as a Board Member of One Family and on the Board of Advisors for The Greater Boston Food Bank.

Mary Ann would be delighted to meet you!  To contact Mary Ann, please e-mail her at: maryann@raisingareaderma.org.