RAR-MA Adds a Community Ambassador Seat to Board

In order to best represent and deepen the impact in the communities we serve, Raising A Reader MA (RAR-MA) is adding two community ambassador seats to its board of directors. The ideal candidates are parents or caregivers who have gone through our program, work for one of our program partners, or are highly involved leaders in one of the communities we serve. Candidates must live and work in one of the communities we serve.

Both the board of directors and executive director are excited for this initiative. “We are very excited about the addition of the two seats and for the immense value that we will gain as a board and an organization from these perspectives. As we seek to deepen our impact and serve our communities even better, these ambassadors will be key in our success,” says board chair, Gregg Dooling.

Are you or someone you know a good fit for this role? Read the full job description and email info@raisingareaderma.org with your nomination.