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Counting Books

You can count on finding these number books for children ages 0-6 at the library or on Amazon Smile by clicking the links below:

Title Author
Ten Fat Turkeys Tony Johnston
Carlo Likes Counting Jessica Spanyol
Cat Count Betsy Lewin
Cleo’s Counting Book Stella Blackstone
Count Agnese Baruzzi
Count on Culebra Ann Whitford Paul
Count the Monkeys Mac Barnett
Count Your Way through South Africa James Haskins
Counting Birds Alice Melvin
Counting Cockatoos Stella Blackstone
Counting Kisses! Karen Katz
Anno’s Counting Book Mitsumasa Anno
Counting Our Way to Maine Maggie Smith
Quack and Count Keith Baker
Christopher Counting Valeri Gorbachev
10 Minutes till Bedtime Peggy Rathman

After reading, check out this Pinterest board for a wealth of activities that you can do throughout the day to further develop your child’s counting skills!