4 Mystery/Thriller Authors That Support RAR-MA

Each year Raising A Reader MA hosts its Dinner with an Author gala. With the support of 30 esteemed authors, we provide guests with an incredible night to raise money to support our programming.

Read why these authors want to support RAR-MA.

ONE: Hank Phillippi Ryan

“What if you had never visited Oz? Never knew about Narnia, or Hogwarts, never met Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown or The Very Hungry Caterpillar? What if you had never said good night moon? It’s heartbreaking to think there are children who have not had those those journeys. It’s the joy of my life to be able to share books with young readers—and thrilled to join Raising a Reader, like a modern Johnny Appleseed–to sow the love of books.”

Books: Trust Me, Say No More, What You See, and more

TWO: William Landay

“Reading is the single most essential skill for every citizen and every thoughtful person. Raising A Reader is providing an indispensable service.”

Books: Defending Jacob, Mission Flats, The Strangler

THREE: William Martin

“I cannot think of a better charity to support in Greater Boston or anywhere in America, for that matter. Raising readers means we are raising people who are learning how to think for themselves, think deeply, and understand the world around them. In essence, every time we raise a new reader, we are raising a better citizen, a young American who will carry the ideals of our nation in to the future.”

Books: Bound for Gold, The Lost Constitution, Back Bay and more

FOUR: Michael Ponsor

“Reading allows us to imagine people and worlds beyond us. It liberates the heart.”

Books: The One-Eyed Judge, The Hanging Judge

Interested in the event? Visit the event site to learn more.