RAR-MA Selected as a Featured Partner of Barr Foundation Early Education Legacy

The Barr Foundation launched its new Early Education Legacy Page this morning. As the Foundation shifts its focus away from Early Education, the Foundation developed a page to highlight its key partners and the immense impact it has had on the quality of early education in Boston over the course of the past 20 years.


Since 2015, Raising A Reader MA (RAR-MA) has received $400,000 in funding from the Barr Foundation to support the implementation of the workshops and Red Book Bag rotation programs in the city of Boston. As a leader of early literacy support in the Boston area, RAR-MA was selected as a featured partner of the Foundation’s. The Foundation’s strategy to improve the state of early education in Massachusetts’ capital included a focus on both Early Literacy and Parents as Families’ First Teachers. This made RAR-MA a perfect fit for the Foundation.


With the support from the Barr Foundation, RAR-MA was able to help thousands of families in the Boston area. We are so grateful for its support and are honored to have worked with the Foundation on this initiative.