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Our Program

“Becoming a strong reader begins at birth. The cornerstones of reading success – language, knowledge, and curiosity – should be cultivated from infancy, and in every setting.” – Nonie Lesaux, Turning the Page: Refocusing MA for Reading Success, 2009

With this charge in mind, Raising A Reader MA partners with early education and community-based programs to implement the three key elements of our core program model:

  • Our Signature Red Book Bag Rotation Program: Each week every participant brings home a different, bright red bag filled with high quality, culturally appropriate children’s books. Over the course of the year, each child gets exposed to dozens of titles to share with their families. This rotation program serves as a perfect vehicle to sustain the home-school partnership and creates daily opportunities for educators to increase parent involvement.
  • Family Workshops and Training: We give parents the strategies they need to share books effectively with their young children. Our multi-session training series teaches the key techniques of Dialogic (Interactive) Reading, which has been proven to improve children’s vocabulary and other skills essential for their later school success. Our multilingual DVD, Storytime: How to Share Books With Your Child, complements these trainings by offering more tips to integrate reading into a daily routine.
  • Training and Support for Staff: We work closely with staff at our partner sites to help them develop children’s pre-literacy skills through storytelling, book sharing, family empowerment, and other related activities.

These components are implemented across the state via our two delivery models – Direct Service and Local Affiliates. In the 2012-13 Program Year we served over 11,500 children and their families across the state and are on track to serving 12,000 children and their families this year.

We use the Theory of Change to assess the desired theoretical change, and how and why it is expected to happen, by analyzing what outcomes are necessary to reach the desired goal. Raising A Reader MA’s goal is to change a child’s pre-literacy skills.