World renowned social psychologist Amy Cuddy, PhD joined us on May 19, 2020 on our LIVE! with an Author series. So many incredible insights were gleaned, we decided to share some of our favorites!

On the pandemic: It’s unprecedented for most of us to go through something so dramatic…But my experience has been that we adapt very quickly and I find that both reassuring and scary…On the one hand, it’s a good thing we adapt so quickly – that’s how we survive – but on the other, I don’t want us to adapt so quickly that we don’t notice bad things happening.

On body language: The way we carry ourselves changes the way we see the world.  When we feel powerful, we expand. Take up space and create powerful moments.

On bullying: The norm is bravery and not bullying.  Help people find personal agency.  

On personal power: It is in everyone’s best interest to make peace with our feelings of personal power…our feelings that we deserve to be in a place just as much as anybody else just because he/she has more social power than we have.

Power activates what psychologists call the behavioral approach system. You can either be in an approach orientation or an inhibition orientation…When you are in approach, you see the world as a place not filled with threats, but with opportunities.

It’s much easier to accept that you didn’t get a job when you at least feel that showed up. That feeling of regret versus satisfaction is really telling you whether you feeling agentic in that situation.

One way to get this feeling of personal power is to write about a time when you felt strong and agentic. Write about what was going on and how it made you feel…You have to explore it.

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