The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear


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Theme: Fruit

How is the Mouse supposed to protect his strawberry from the Big Hungry Bear? Find out together as you read this fun book!

After reading, choose an activity to do together. Here is a list of some that we have found for you!

Extension Activities:

  1. Eat some strawberries! Eat them fresh, but make sure to wash them off well, especially if you don’t buy them organically. Make a refreshing and delicious smoothie, dip them in sugar or chocolate for a sweeter treat, or go all out and make some Strawberry Shortcakes or try this one!
  2. On your next trip to the grocery store check out the fruit in the produce section, or visit a farmers market where you can find fresh fruit. Encourage your child to eat something new and delicious!
  3. Color this page or others found online based on this story!

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