“I know viscerally how important this program is.  I see how engaged my daughter has become with books and it’s as if when you show a book to a child, they have a molecular connection to it, and to rob them of that it’s such a tragedy. And so the work you are doing is so important for so many families. I applaud you all for the work that you are doing because it is critically important for the little ones and their future.”

Rob Cocuzzo on Raising A Reader MA

We had so many great questions asked during LIVE! with an Author with Rob Cocuzzo on May 5, we did not get to ask them all. We sent the questions along to Rob for him to answer:

1.    What was the most surprising thing you learned about your father by doing the long, challenging bike trip together in Italy? 

I learned that he was far more adaptable than I gave him credit for. When we first arrived in Italy, he was too timid to even try to speak Italian. By the end of our trip, he was tossing around “grazie mille” like pizza toppings.

2.    What type of bike was Rob riding? How did Rob get the bike to Italy?   

The question on whether to bring bikes or rent bikes loomed large in our planning from the very beginning. Ultimately, we located a top-notch bike shop in Florence where we could rent bikes. This eliminated the hassle and expense of shipping our bikes from the States. The bikes themselves were Wiliers. I recommend going this route.

3.    Do you have a favorite restaurant in Nantucket? 

My wife and I rent a cottage every summer in Madaket across the street from Millie’s, so that has become a family favorite as of late. But we also love Proprietors, Straight Wharf, and Lemon Press. There are so many tasty options to choose from—it’s really impossible to go wrong.

4.    What is your next book?

When I’m not working on my own books, I ghostwrite biographies for private clients. So I am currently penning a book about a tremendously successful businessman. “Who?” you might ask. I’ll never tell. That’s the deal.

5.    What was your most surprising catch with fishing? 

I once caught a Bluefin tuna on light tackle. What made the catch so memorable was the fact that when I first cast to it, I was so excited that I literally fell overboard.

6.    If you had the opportunity to interview any person for a feature story, who would it be and why? 

Easy. Barack Obama. No question. Of all the personal goals I have in my life, spending meaningful time with Barack Obama is near the tip top. So if anyone knows him—give him number.

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