Thanks to everyone at Raising A Reader MA for asking me to be part of such an amazing program. Keeping up with you guys makes me feel connected to the city of Boston and Massachusetts from afar. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people that give their time to Raising A Reader MA and kids who’ve benefited from the program. I’m thrilled and honored to be part – even a little – in getting books into hands of young readers.

Ace Atkins

How do you do your research for these crime novels? 

All my stories start with a true story or an actual event. The research may be as basic as reading all I can on that subject. But sometimes I may go further to speak to experts of those connected to a certain crime. For the Spenser book – Old Black Magic – I interviewed an infamous art thief in person about his life and work.

What is your next book and when will that come out?  Fans want to know!

Thanks so much! The new Quinn Colson – The Revelators – will be out on July 12th.

I hear you are an adventurer, what would you say was your favorite place to visit…and why?

I don’t know if I’m an adventurer but I certainly love to travel. Besides Boston, my other favorite American city is San Francisco. I used to live there when I was a kid and still find it completely fascinating. The fog and the bay make it the perfect Noir City.

I trust you are a  Raymond Chandler fan.  Which of his books are your favorite? Have you drawn upon Chandler’s Philip Marlowe in your development of Spenser’s character?

Absolutely! Spenser wouldn’t exist without Marlowe. And without Spenser, there would be no Quinn Colson. Chandler continues to be a touchstone and a hero for me on everything I write. Probably my favorite Chandler novels are Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye.

How has the sentiments in your community in Oxford been during this challenging time (COVID and the stance against inequality?)

Oxford is a college town with a lot of talented and wonderful folks. Artists, athletes, musicians and writers. I’m working now on the town Square. Five feet from the statue of William Faulkner, a group of college kids are holding signs in a peaceful protest. The virus continues to be a challenge here. But I’m enthusiastic and excited by so many saying enough is enough with racism. Something Faulkner wrote about and fought against years ago.

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