Host a Book Drive

Hosting a Book Drive

Businesses, schools and community groups often host a new and used book drives to support Raising A Reader MA.

The steps are pretty easy:

  1. Let Raising A Reader MA know you are planning a new or used book drive
  2. Pick the dates when you will host the book drive
  3. Decide where and how you will collect donated books (e.g. in a box at the reception desk in your office, in bins in your school library)
  4. Publicize the book drive and the book wish list (e.g. through email, posters, Facebook, etc.)

Books collected through book drives are sorted and then distributed to Raising A Reader MA families to help them build their personal children’s libraries. We distribute these books through workshops, community events, and Raising A Reader MA “blue bag” ceremonies.

The high quality of the books used in Raising A Reader MA’s signature Red Bag book rotation program is important to the success of our work. Please use the following guidelines to help you make sure the new and used books you collect through your book drive reflect similar standards for quality:

  • YES! Appropriate for young children ages newborn to six
  • YES! Picture books without a lot of text
  • YES! Books in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and French
  • NO! Rips or writing in used books
  • NO! Commercial books (i.e. Disney, Nickelodeon, other TV/movie characters)
  • NO! Religious/holiday books

If you are hosting a new book drive, please review Raising A Reader MA’s new book wish list and consider how you can promote purchase of these titles with your book donors.

Please contact to benefit Raising A Reader MA. We can help you coordinate publicity for the book drive, arrange for presenters from Raising A Reader MA to come visit to kick-off your book drive, and will help ensure the books you collect are delivered to the right people.