What better way to pass the time with young ones then to share a good book? When we’re not allowed to travel, we can look to books as a source of adventure. Read what some of our families think!

We are in the process to read five minutes of fairy tales…Reading helps us to navigate with the lockdown and help us to have fun moments, enjoying to the maximum the time that we spent together. Dalia is in love with books we can’t miss a bedtime story.

Mother, Lynn

During this time of uncertainty and fear, I find it most comforting to cuddle up with my grandchildren and read together. We are able to learn so much not only from the stories, but also about one another. Just today, while reading with them I learned how much Dominik loves dinosaurs and how Pterodactyls are Addison’s favorite dinosaur. I am thankful and appreciative of the time that we spend with each other. 

Grandmother, Brockton

We loved seeing this strategy from a family in Revere! Some families have shared stories about they are turning everyday activities into fun opportunities for learning. Baking is a great example with plenty of space to ask the child questions, as well as build in science and math. It can also encourage teamwork and bonding. Doing activities that encourage interaction like baking at early age can have significant impact of a child’s language development.