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Diane Hessan

Diane Hessan is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator, a seasoned board director, and a nationally recognized expert on the American voter. She is the founder and Chairman of C Space, formerly called Communispace, which was the first company to leverage social media to help companies get insight and inspiration from their consumers. Diane was CEO of the company during fourteen years of exponential growth, as C Space worked with hundreds of global brands across twelve countries.

She has been honored as a disruptor in the market research industry because of her work in conducting breakthrough research via the internet. Since 2016, she has been engaged in an in-depth, longitudinal study of the electorate, looking for trends, shifts and common ground. She wrote more than fifty columns about her findings for the Boston Globe, culminating in the publication of her book Our Common Ground, in 2021. Diane received her B.A. from Tufts University and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

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