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“I like sharing new stories with my son. He asks me every week to have a new book. Although he doesn’t know how to read, he looks at the drawings in the book, makes up his own story, or tries to remember a story. RAR is an excellent program.” – Parent

“Raising A Reader has helped my son learn how to be responsible. He knows that when he has the red bags, it is time to read. The program teaches him at an early age to read and to participate with others.” – Parent

“The program is a good way for parents to interact more with their children and take more time in expanding their minds and imagination.” – Parent

“My son’s face lights up when he gets a red bag, and if he doesn’t get one that week, he asks me about it. He looks forward to the red bags and is more excited about reading in bed each night. I think Raising A Reader is a wonderful program.” – Parent

“The red bag program facilitates the task of reading because we have more books at home, more stories, and more ideas to share with our kids. Thank you!” – Parent

“We love the Raising a Reader red bag program in our house! It is always a nice and fun experience to see how happy our child gets when reading.” – Parent