Making Reading Fun with Raising A Reader MA

At Raising A Reader MA, we are committed to serving early learners and their families. In response to the current situation with COVID-19, our team will continue to provide a number of resources and virtual events to support all families during these uncertain times.

Book of the Week: La Casa Adormecida

This week's storytime video is in Spanish. Please join us by watching this video with your little one. Regardless of your native language, we encourage you to explore the story and book's illustrations together using your imagination. Come back every Tuesday for a new story time video!

RAR Fun Challenge of the Week: Making Chalk!

Did you enjoy reading "Chalk" with us?

Read on to learn how to make chalk in your own kitchen! We challenge you to make colorful chalk! Share your photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #RARMAfun. 

Come back every Friday for a new challenge! 

Chalk RARMAfun Challenge by Raising A Reader MA

Expanded Family Literacy Calendar

Look at the expanded family literacy calendar below for our upcoming Book of the Week activities, storytimes, and more #RARMAFUN.

Family Literacy Calendar

Check out this printable calendar for daily tips and activities to do with your little ones in April, May and June. Use this calendar as a guide to help create a literacy-rich environment for you and your family!

LIVE! with an Author

We also invite parents and caregivers to check out our free LIVE! with an Author event series, featuring dedicated authors that support Raising A Reader MA’s work and mission. The series features both children's and adult authors and are family-friendly.

Creative Writing Challenge

Calling all 8-12 year olds (or younger)! In 1-3 paragraphs, write your own ending to the book to the right based on the cover and title. Use you imagination, anything goes!

Email your submission to Please include your name (and/or parent's name), phone number and age. The winner will receive a signed copy of the book from Ben and Tonya Mezrich!

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