Alexandra’s Speech

Last night, former Raising A Reader MA participant, Alexandra, age 9, spoke at Dinner with an Author to our 232 attendees about her experiences in our program and how that has shaped her and her family.


Hi, my name is Alexandra and I live in Revere with my mom, my dad and my brother, Henry. I’m nine years old and in the third grade.

When I was three, I did Raising A Reader with my mom at a playgroup. I remember we would always read books in the group, and then at the end we got to take a red bag home. Every time I got a red bag there was a CD in it, and I would always watch the CD as soon as I got home. Even though it was the same CD every week, I always watched it! And we always read all three of the books from the red bag every night.

When I was little my parents always read to me and Henry a lot. We read before bedtime every night. I remember they made up the voices of the characters and it was funny. When we read all the books in our house, then they would make up stories.

When I was little my favorite book was the one about the Mouse and the Strawberry. I really liked strawberries!

Now my favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like it because it’s really funny.

I love school because I always learn new things. And when I learn something I get really into it. I like to go to the library and get more books so I can learn even more.

I like to read the dictionary too. My favorite word is the second meaning of “quack”, which is a person who falsely pretends to have medical skills or knowledge.

I especially love reading. It’s fun to read about adventures and it’s like you’re inside the story and then you can imagine different things happening. You can make up what might happen next or what the characters might say and then the books changes and it’s even cooler. I always imagine if I were the author what characters I might add.

I want to be an author someday. I started writing a book about my life on my mom’s laptop. It’s kind of like a diary. I want to get it published when I’m grown up.

I also want to be the President of the United States!

I read a lot. I think I read about 10 books a week. I always carry a book with me so I can read on the train or anytime. Right now I’m carrying Nellie’s Promise. My mom and my brother and I read together every night now too. Sometimes I just read to my brother. I like to read the books he gets from the library about bugs because they make him laugh, and they’re disgusting!

I think all kids should do Raising A Reader because some kids think reading is boring and they’ll learn what it really is. They’ll learn that it’s not just reading, but really understanding what it means and learning something new.

I’m in third grade now and that’s when you have to be really good at reading and reading comprehension. I’m the top reader in my class. I got an A reading score. And I scored above benchmark on reading fluency. I can read 204 words per minute.

My brother got to have the red bag when he was in kindergarten. And my mom still does a lot with Raising A Reader. The program is really important for my whole family.

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