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Raising A Reader MA is an early literacy parent engagement organization.


Raising A Reader MA partners with regional organizations to help parents with young children to develop, practice, and maintain shared reading habits, which foster vocabulary and language skills essential to reading readiness.

Raising A Reader MA is an evidence-based early literacy program that helps families of young children (birth through age six) develop, practice, and maintain habits of reading together at home. Our core program model, which raises awareness, increases access to books, and offers support for strengthening the culture of reading at home, is driven by more than 25 years of research that show the most significant factor impacting a child’s academic success is being regularly read to by a parent or other primary adult caregiver before starting kindergarten.

Our Vision is to equip all parents and caregivers to become agents of change, as their child’s first teachers, to eliminate the opportunity gap that impacts success in school and beyond. 

Opening Doors by Opening Books