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Parent Workshop Series


Children showed statistically significant growth in a number of pre-literacy skills when parents were given the opportunity to attend a five-part workshop series, while also receiving Raising A Reader book bags, according to a randomly controlled trial study conducted by the University of Texas. Motivated by this research, we designed our own evidence-based parent workshop curriculum. Now, parents and other caregivers are invited to multiple sessions to learn concrete Dialogic Reading skills such as asking good questions, responding to children’s answers, and connecting books to children’s lives.

We offer these workshops in multiple languages and tailor them to the needs of the group. Parents have the opportunity to get to know each other, learn new skills, and practice sharing books with their children.

In addition to workshops facilitated by Raising A Reader MA staff, we work with our partners who engage directly with families, particularly home visitors and playgroup facilitators, to incorporate this Dialogic Reading content into their one-on-one and small group interactions.

In the 2012-13 Program Year, 32% of participating families learned about Dialogic Reading directly from Raising A Reader MA staff, a playgroup, or a home visit. To learn more about the impact of these lessons, click here.

Some parents look for ways to engage with Raising A Reader further and become Parent Ambassadors. These parent leaders volunteer their time in a number of capacities including performing outreach for workshops, talking about Raising A Reader with their peers, and even facilitating workshops themselves. Raising A Reader MA has been recognized as a leader among Raising A Reader National Affiliates for our work in this field.