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Chelsea became Raising A Reader MA’s first partner community in 2006. Today, we serve more than 1,500 children in over 70 public school classrooms, childcare centers, home visiting programs, parent-child playgroups and family childcare providers. Our program partners include:


  • A Kangaroo’s Pouch
  • Best Friends Early Learning Center
  • CAPIC Child Development Center
  • CAPIC Head Start
  • Central Avenue Child Center
  • Centro Latino
  • Chelsea Family Network
  • Chelsea High School Teen Parenting Program
  • Harbor Area Early Childhood Services
  • Intergenerational Literacy Program
  • John Silber Early Learning Center
  • MGH Chelsea Healthy Beginnings
  • MGH Speech and Language Program
  • Phoenix Charter Academy

For more information about Raising A Reader MA’s work in Chelsea, please contact our Chelsea Regional Program Manager, Cate Johnston, at cate@raisingareaderma.org